General email correspondence should be directed to

Golden Gate Railroad Museum, Inc
1755 East Bayshore Road, Suite 19A
Redwood City, CA  94063
(707) 656-2472

Board of Directors
President Garrett Brisbee
Secretary Jim Prettyleaf
Treasurer Ron Vane
Jim Bunger
Mike Nichols
Jim Sweeny
Scott Bowdish

Staff & Project Managers
General Manager Peter Schulze
Diesel Shop Manager Jim Prettyleaf
SP 2979 Lounge Car Project Severn Edmonds
SP 141 "Oakland" Project Jim Bunger
SP 6378 F7 Project Phil Figel
Dispatcher Sheet Ron Vane
Membership & Concessions Linda Jacobs
Webmaster Jay Jacobs

For media inquiries, including stock photo and video footage, please contact