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Southern Pacific P-8 #2472

Southern Pacific #2472 was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1921. It is a 4-6-2 Pacific type, having 4 leading wheels, 6 drivers, and 2 trailing wheels. Pacifics such as the #2472 where designed primarily for high-speed passenger train service where sustained high speeds were just as important as pulling...   read more

Southern Pacific GP-9 #3194

Southern Pacific #3194 (ex T&NO 281, SP 5895 and SP 3001) is an EMD GP9 equipped with steam generator and bi-directional control stands for passenger service. After the flood of streamline cab units purchased by the Southern Pacific from 1947 to 1953, (see F unit page) the motive power department...   read more

Southern Pacific Business Car #141 "Oakland"

Southern Pacific # 141 was built by the Pullman Company in 1927 and delivered to the railroad on January 20, 1928 as the “New York.” The car joined a distinguished fleet of business cars constructed by Pullman during the 1920’s and was assigned to A. D. MacDonald, Chief Financial Officer...   read more

Southern Pacific Lounge #2979 "Neil M. Vodden"

Southern Pacific club-lounge car #2979 was originally built in 1912 by Pullman Car Company as a baggage-club car. This car was one of six cars (#2975-#2980) converted to a 54-seat club-lounge configuration in 1940. These cars were used on premier trains such as the Overland, the Lark, and the Cascade....   read more

Union Pacific RPO #5901

The Union Pacific 5901 was one of seven cars, UP 5900-5902, Chicago & North Western 8225-8226 (American Car and Foundry) and Southern Pacific 5003-5004 (Pullman Standard), built in 1949 to provide a pool of cars to add RPO service to the SP-UP-C&NW streamliner City of San Francisco operating between Oakland...   read more

Southern Pacific H-12-44 #1487

SP #1487 was acquired in March, 1995 through the Department of General Services Surplus Property Program, which allows non-profit museums to obtain government surplus property. This engine was formerly U.S. Army #1847, based at Hawthorne, Nevada. Identical first generation locomotives of this type were purchased by the Southern Pacific, and...   read more

Southern Pacific F-7's #6378 and #6380

They were called F's, or covered wagons. For years they pulled every style of train, from the "Zephyrs" to the "Super Chiefs" to merchandise and local freights. Newer, bigger, more powerful locomotives made them obsolete. More than 7,600 were built by General Motors between 1939 and 1960. Of the thousands...   read more

Southern Pacific Chair Car #293

In 1950, Southern Pacific bought two new "Shasta Daylight" train sets for Oakland Portland service. A stand out feature of this new train was its larger windows for viewing the Cascade scenery. This was also SP's first and last train to feature aluminum construction for most of the body. In...   read more

Southern Pacific Coaches #2097, 2143 & 2156

The Southern Pacific 72-foot suburban steel coach was first built in 1923 by the Pullman Company. The Southern Pacific Railroad ordered them specifically for San Francisco Bay Area commuter service to replace their aging fleet of wooden passenger cars. The first order was for 60 coaches, seating 96 passengers each....   read more

Southern Pacific Baggage-Postal Car #5131

SP 5131 is just over 72' long and one of SP class 70-BP-30-1 cars built to Specification CSP-224. The car was delivered in 1923 by Standard Steel Car based on an order placed by the Southern Pacific on March 22, 1923. Originally weighing 128,350 pounds the car contained a 40'...   read more